Okay, but the caption Luke Joslin (Grantaire) put on it…

@cjdurling sprung taking time out from the barricade. #manlove @LesMisOz

The saga continues…

Cant wait for another embrace tomorrow night… @lukejoslin #barricadeboys

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i have this weird moment whenever someone asks me if i’ve ever heard of les miserables.  like a series of flashbacks as if i somehow lived through an ordeal.  i can see it all like it just happened.  the destruction, the agony, murder of innocents.  and that was just the fandom.  sometimes i remember the story too 

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Gig poster assignment for school! decided to do Les Mis! And yes, I listened to the 10th anniversary dream cast while drawing ;)

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#McCarrius wants you. (x)

the feeling is mutual

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